New quarter has started. Hm. I’m doing 19 units with 2 more units in the graduate school of education. So 21 units. Hm. Well it’s not that bad. I’m not sure.. I might drop one more course. Who knows.. I feel more relaxed this quarter. I’m not as uptight. I feel really really relaxed and comfortable. I hope I can keep this up for a long time. I’m going home this weekend.. Hopefully I’ll be able to see some people I haven’t seen during the winter.

I’m finally adjusted to the U.S. time.. I guess I had an okay time in Korea though. I just gave in and told myself.. This is how it is. I don’t have to LOVE it, but I’ll just make the best time out of it. =)

I have work from 1 to 3.. Then an English class at 5. =) Good day!


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  1. hey jean:) happy new year! I still have jet lag…and i came back dec 30th nightT.T
    19 units…21 units…work…wow. good luck this quarter! leave some time for fun! take care~

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