Hm, I had a really nice day today..

I woke up around 6 30. I didn’t even need an alarm clock for that. I started writing a little bit.. Then before I realized, it was 9 already! I watched some television, then my sister and mom decided to go do some more Christmas shopping. I wanted to join Josh at the library, but I changed my mind when I got into the car.. I wanted to write, because I could do studying at school! =) So I went to the Barnes & Nobles.. Surprisingly, there weren’t that many people there. So I got a nice spot in the Starbuck’s and started writing.. It was one of those times when I really felt like I was putting everything into the page. There are days when I write and write and getting nowhere. Today, I felt as if everything was coming out of me through my pen without stops. I wrote for about two hours without stopping at all.

Then I got hungry so I went to eat pho with Mike. His mom’s car has some problem so she has to use his car instead. So I picked him up (oh my God! finally! making up all those times when HE picked ME up) went to get a Q-cup first, then ate pho. Then I came home because I remembered to get abercrombie&fitch sweatshirt for my cousin in Korea.. Yupyup.

So Mom and I went to Valley Fair again, got his shirt, then came home around 6 30.. I’m sooo tired. Stupid shoes hurt my feet so much.

I’m almost done packing. I’m in the “Trying-to-take-some-stuff-out-because-it’s-too-heavy” phase of packing. =)

Can’t wait to see everyone again tomorrow. I’ll join you guys for the dessert. =) Think of what to do after though!

Stuff I want for Christmas:

-Any Victoria’s Secret products
-a white or red-wine colored velvety/silky cushion
-Britney Spears “In The Zone”
-Hair gel Bumble Bumble Straightening Gel
-Books : I don’t like mystery/horror stuff. All the others are welcome. Fiction is the best, nonfiction is okay as long as it’s interesting. Even cookbooks, interior design books, or pilates book. If you can’t decide on one book, Barnes&Nobles, Borders sell gift certificates as well. I already have a list of books I always wanted to have. =)
-Jean LOVES vanilla scent.
-Jean also likes citrus scent.
-Anything from Sephora
-Starbuck’s coffee beans (Vanilla, the best)
-Jean loves bath salts and essential oils.
-Jean loves candles (Favorite scent: Vanilla, Mocha, Cinnamon. No flowery scent please)
-Jean hates colors like green, or anything dark other than black.


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  1. hahah got a long list there jean~~~maybe i should try making a list too..but i get so tired juss thinking of what i want….haha anyways…hope you’re having a great break…we have to go chill grl!!!

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