So I’m home finally. It took us 2 hours to get ready, 4 1/2 hours to drive. Oh and a cop car following jean around. I thought I did something wrong~ But he was simply getting impatient because I was driving at the speed limit! Stupid cop. I was going really carefully at 65, knowing the cop was behind me. But then I saw so many cars behind him so I moved to the next lane. Then he stepped on the gas and drove away! Man.. Bad cop. I think he was eating McDonald’s.. Kekekeke. I’m so bad, making fun of cops. I have a lovely cop friend. I shouldn’t make fun of… BUT HE WAS SO STUPID!

The drive was fun; it’s really the first time I really had that much time just for myself. It was a long date with myself. It was lovely. I sang, I talked, I screamed, I made funny faces at Mike. Hope he didn’t see me. I thought about a lot of different things. Things I’m going to write about in xanga. =)

Well, Mike and I only stopped once at Paso Robles to get some coffee, then again near home again to use the restroom. We left around 12:30 and I got home at 5. It was lovely because when we hit 85, the sun was setting and I could listen to my favorite station 103.7.. Smooth Jazz. I had the window rolled down and the ice cold air felt so lovely against my cheeks. Mmmm the taste of home. It has only been a week and a half since I left here, but it felt so good to see home again after a week and a half of Hell.

Oh I got Alicia Keys CD! I got it right after my PS 114 final. As first reward for my long week. I also got this book called Portrait in Sepia. I saw it at Costco when it first came out and I remember really wanting to get it. But it was on sale at Borders and I got it for 7 bucks! =) So happy. Alicia Keys songs are not as sing-along-able as the first album but artistically, it’s brilliant. The very first track, the intro is so flavorful.

You have NOOOO idea how GLAD I am that I have all this time to read and to write, write, and write. All those times in the library, I kept wanting to write my journals, but I had to study for the finals. Seriously, sometimes I want to drop out of school just to write all day long. *sigh*

Well, looks like I’m going to LA this weekend. Orange County, to be exact. Maybe I’ll see my friends there. =)

This Winter break is going to be so much fun!


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