I just got out of my last final of the quarter, PS 114. YAY~ Except for the music final, I did pretty well on all my finals. “Pretty well” being, I can raise my grade up a bit. Doesn’t mean, “extremely well” kekeke.

I guess Mike’s still taking the test. I’m gonna wait for him a little and then get a ride home. Take a loooong nap. Get up, and start packing. Yup, I’ll be in Cupertino in less than 24 hours. So excited! I can’t wait, omg. Since last Thursday.. Everything was so chaotic.. I shouldn’t have gotten sick. That screwed everything up. I didn’t have time to study for music that much. I would have so thankful with 40/60.. I’ve been keeping up 99% with that class, so I was pretty sure I was gonna get an A+ for a change. But noooo, I had two other finals to worry about today. *sigh* I wish I only had two each.. I don’t mind going home so late, but i mind having THREE difficult finals in a day. I probably missed a bunch of questions.. Darn it..

I want to take a nap. I pulled a semi-all nighter yesterday. I slept for like 10 minutes whenever I could not stand being awake for another minute. But mostly I was awake.. With a help of Bawl and Ice cream.. I studied and studied.. *sigh* Not taking 23 units next quarter. No.

I’m gonna go now.. Now that my finals are over.. I have some things to organize in my head.. My love life drama begins again after two years of long hiatus. I put it away for the finals, but now that they’re over.. I have lots of time to think about it.. Drama, drama, drama.. I hope we all get out of this without hurting each other too much.


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