Last night was so bad.. I had a difficult time breathing for few hours before I threw up, TWICE.. It was really bad. *sigh* I think I had too much caffeine.. It was a reaction to my medication. Side effect. *sigh* I was so scared.. I wanted to cry so badly. I got scared and I didn’t know what to do. I thought I was gonna die really soon. I told someone to go to ER if I get even worse. After throwing up, I felt so much better. So I’ve been finishing up all my work today. It was a warning sign. Telling me to stop and breathe before marching forward. I need to take a better care of myself. I’ve been thinking only about my accomplishment, not caring the quality. If life is a race, and I’m a runner, I only cared about how far I came, not caring about how good my running form is.

I’m gonna go easy on the medication today. And I’m gonna finish the diet coke and coffee drinking today. No more. =)


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