It’s official. My life does revolve around this club. hahaha. I know, it’s funny. I never knew I could be this involved with group activities. Me. Out of everyone.  I always preferred working alone or spending time by myself…. And that seemed more productive.. You know.. Writing down schedules for the next 2 months or so.. that was my hobby.. Spending my Fridays and Saturdays in my room staring at the ceiling or designing little handouts and flyers.. That was my hobby too. Man.. I lived a sad life.

I’m trying to accepting the fact that I’m like other people too.

I can’t always be the “loner-by-choice” right?



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  1. allo jEaN~~~kyoote picture…i should change mine..i had that pic since..the begining hahahha anyways…yup everything is going well for me…unfortunately ill be working both friday and saturday til 10 at nite or pass that…but maybe you can come by VF at GAP and see me~ heehee ttyl

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