last night, I went to this guy’s birthday party.. He’s from KCAG.. Hm.. I’m getting more and more involved with that group.. This is such a new concept.. Well, it was really fun.. They had spaghetti but I wasn’t too hungry.. Then omg, people in my club are sooo funny.. Jane is this girl from Lynbrook.. (yahhh  GO MONTA VISTA!!) Anyways.. She’s so cute. She’s a year older than me but she is sooo adorable.. =) And then, of course.. Jean Kyung, a.k.a. Karen.. we talked alot about my boyfriend and my boy issues.. HAHA isn’t it funny how girls tend to bond when the conversations involve topics such as boys, fashion, and family? haha. Well anyhow, we talked alot.. I talked unusually fast and loud.. I dont know why.. It made me feel better.. I thank Karen for making me feel so much better.. She tried to listen everything.. I really appreciated her care.. She really cares.. =) wow.. I’m so glad that we met. You know, my first impression of this club was not very far from what I’m seeing now.. I made so many good friends.. I never expected to have so many Korean friends.. I’m slowly accepting the fact that, just like anywhere in the world, Korea also has bad and good parts.. My job is to just learn the good and recognize the bad.

I need to study so badly.. =P yes, I actually WANT to study.. isn’t that freaky?


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  1. hey jean wassup
    i love hearing ur stories! anytime let me know if u wanna talk..ur kinda funny and weird but i cud put up with dat cuz i’m like dat too!! haha happy thanksgiving and see ya later~

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