I’m killing time again~ I’m just waiting for my passtime to start at 11:15.. I’m gonna miss first 30 minutes of music lecture.. Hope nothing too important happens.. I already turned in the paper to my TA so I don’t have to turn it in late. =) See? MAAAAD PLANNING SKILLS.

On Monday, I did a workshop at ths San Nicholas Resident Hall with a all-girl floor. About 20~25 people showed up. It was really cool. Girls are more accepting than guys in the workshops.. This really cute freshman girl asked me how I applied for the job and stuff. I think she was really interested. Hm, maybe I’ll see her in May, applying like I did last year. =)

I picked some classes for next quarter.. I dont know how many units I’ll take. Right now, I’m registered for 13 units: PS 175, MCDB 24, ED 199, and ECON 1. There’s a good chance I’ll drop PS 175 for PS 136.. It’s almost guaranteed cuz I talked to the professor and he said he’ll let me in. I’m trying to register for ENG 102.. That’s the only class i HAVE to take.. So I might try to register for DANCE 42B… I’ll have to crash that because I know it’s already full.  Hope I can get in.

If all fails, I’ll register for random classes. =)



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