It looks like some people are going through a lot these days.. It’s funny how there seems to be a pattern to this. Summer, everyone’s busy. Fall, everyone’s adjusting to college experience (new or continuing). Winter, everyone gets exhausted, starts thinking about heavy stuff (career, future, religion, etc). Spring, everyone falls in love or gets out of that winter funk.

I’ve been doing alot of heavy thinking as well. Mostly about my relationship with my religion and God. I do believe there is a big difference between believing in God and believing in church. I’m starting to think that the reason for my skepticism of religion was because I was surrounded with people who believe in religious acts, but not believe in God. I’ll write more about this later.

As for my dear friends, I love you guys so deeply. It might seem like I don’t because I’m usually really cold-hearted and appear apathetic to what most people do. It’s true, but only partly. It is true that I don’t care about people in general. What they do is their business and I only care about me. But by “me” I also mean, friends and families I live with. I try not to waste my time and energy to people who have no connection with me whatsoever; I save my energy for people I really love. I’m not going to pretend like I’m this philathropic person who concerns herself with universal welfare, etc. I’m not. But for you guys, I’m genuinely in love with you guys. I’m picky about whom I’m friends with. But once I establish that friendship with you, I’m 100% devoted.  Even though some people might have drifted away since our graduation, I still think about alot of you. My days still revolve around thinking of you guys.

I just wanted to say that because I wanted you to know that I care. I am probably not the one who can get you out of the funk and all; I tend to think that I’m not that influential, although I want to be. But I really want to say that I’m here whenever you need someone to talk to. =)


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