I can’t believe it’s already 10.. My precious Veteran’s Day. Eeek. Well, looks like I’m gonna have a really busy day tomorrow.. *smirk* yah, when am I NOT busy, ever?

I woke up around 7 this morning.. Stayed in bed until like 8.. Then I got some work done, studied for Poli Sci and As Am a little until 11. Then Mike and I went to grab something to eat at the McDonald’s.. I got a Fruit n Yogurt Parfait.. Had the hardest time trying to say “parfait” right. Damn it, I just want my paaarr fait! =D We got the order to go. Then I made some salad at Mike’s place and had the yogurt as dessert.. Gooooooood.

I came home and did the Front Runner reading until now. Really good book. I can’t believe this English class is exceeding my expectation. Quite frankly, I didn’t know this class was about gay/lesbian literature. I’m really impressed with my work in class.. The discussions we have in class provoke my hunger for gay/lesbian activism. More and more, I can think clearer, fascinated by the frankness and resilience of these people. When I do become a politician, or a lawyer, or a judge, whichever comes first, I know what I want to do. I know, I’m straight so some people may argue that I’ll never be able to understand what gay people go through. But I just want to be their allie. I’m a minority too, so who am I to throw rocks at the other minority group that may need my help, though it may be weak and small. I’m inspired by the courage people have, by their strength against the dull society, so narrow-minded, so blind to people’s need to feel their identities accepted and cared for.

Anyways.. I’m still intimidated by the Tocqueville reading. I’m sure it’ll be a very pleasant reading. I just don’t want to get started. So scary.


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