I’m killing time until 11:15 AM so I can register for my classes for the winter quarter.. I’m going for at least 20 units again. I’m gonna register for Micro Econ, Politics in China, Human Diseases, and Psychology Education classes today. 13 units. Then on the 20th, I have to register for American Lit from 1700s to 1900s, And Political Interest Groups, or American Foreign policy classes. I wanna take the American Foreign Policy class, but if there’s a time conflict, I have to take Interest Group one.. I really dont want to cuz the professor’s not that interesting.. He’s the one who’s teaching my Intro to Political Science Research class.. he’s funny from time to time, but not always.. The class goes really slowly sometimes.

Well, it’s almost time. I hope I get my classes. i should be able to cuz I’m on junior status now. *prays*


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