wow. i haven’t updated in a long time huh. Hm.. I had my first midterm today, in Music 15. Mike and I studied until pretty late last night. I went to sleep at 2:30 AM. HEY! that’s late for ME alright~~~? hehe. I have a paper due tomorrow, then on Thursday i have PS 104A/AL midterm, on Friday PS 114. Then on Monday, AsAm 115. then a week from today Tuesday, Music paper due. Whoa~ I’ll be so busy this week!

Music was alright. I am so curious about how I did. I can’t wait till they post our grades up. God. It’s one thing to STUDY for an exam.. It’s another to WAIT for the result.

When I came back home, I got into a really intense, deep discussion with Grace and Adeline. It was when I saw “Abortion Ban” on the news, we started talking about abortion. Then we moved onto democracy, then religion. It was so intense! I loved it. It’s surprising to find people with different views. We all agreed that I’m the weird one. Hehehehe. But the bottom line is, I feel so much more connected to them now. I loved the conversation. Hehehe.

Ahhh the joy of writing. I love writing essays. I’m sorry I sound dorky. Hehehe. Gotta get back to my English essay. Due tomorrow. Heh.


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