well~ I just took some pictures of my room~ it’s so small but oh well. And I didn’t take pictures of Grace’s side, cuz she wasn’t there and I dont wanna take pictures of her side without letting her know first.

this is my desk. =)

I took this pictures from my roommate’s side of the room. We divided the room with my room divider. see the blue curtain thingy?


Taken from the door. yup, pretty small.

this is my bed. my friends from high school. Surprised my room is all blue, instead of all pink? hehehehe

this is where I put my makeup every morning. the glitter lamp keeps me company when I have to fall asleep alone at night.

Well, home was nice. I just got back today. I’m thinking of staying next weekend because I have three midterms next week. I should stay and study. =) Oh and Mike got a new place! yay~ hehe It’s soooo nice. Kinda empty, but so much bigger than mine and so much nicer. hehehe


4 thoughts on “

  1. kyoote room!!!loving the blue *^_^*…but thanks for always keeping me in check…i’m doing great..i couldnt be better…hope you are too….and we HAVE to see eachother over the winter break no matter what okae????….got so much to talk about ….maybe we can go take pictures cuz i noe we’ve talked about doing that alot before heehee good week babe muah*

  2. Èæ! ÀÌ·±~ Àú±â¼­ ¾îÂî »ç³ë? ÁøÂ¥ ÀÛ´Ù~³»°¡ »ý°¢Çß´ø°Í°ú ³Ñ ´Þ¶ó…Èì..ÇÒÆ°..=] ´ëÇб³´Ù´Ò¶§´Â Å«ÁýÀº ÇÊ¿ä¾ø°ÚÁö¹¹…¾ðÁ¨°£..¾ð´ÏÇÑÅ× ³î·¯°¡¾ßÁö…Åʽº±âºù¶§ ¾î¶§?? 27ÀÏ28ÀÏ Çб³¾È°¡´Âµ¥…ÈÞ….

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