it is.. 9:30 right now. Hmm I just took a shower. so fresh~ yay~ i like taking showers at night cuz i feel so relaxed going to bed. =D

anyhow.. today was a really busy day, although it should’ve been more relaxing cuz I only have two classes, one at 11, another one at 2. But for some reason, I came home at 5. Tired and hungry. Hm.. let’s see.. Maybe cuz i went to see my professors.. hehe. I borrowed a book from PoliSci TA so i dont have to buy the book. and I talked to english prof.. it was really helpful. I was missing out on more stuff than I expected. Good thing I talked to him. I like him alot. He’s really funny and open-minded. I really like that.


gotta go study now. *groan*


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  1. hey babe….haha yeah i’m lost too here…but its okae..i’m slowly finding my way back ….hope everything is good in your life…mines getting better i can tell….awwww man i didnt get to see you over the summer!!!but maybe over winter break???spring break???ahhhh we’ll see eachother over both!!heehee miss ya

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