this is my life now. I go to school early in the morning, even when I dont have a class. Study.. then go to class. Then study more between my classes. THen After all the classes. I study for about 2~3 hours. THen I come home. I eat, wash dishes, vacuum, do more studying. THen go to sleep. hehe. I hardly have time to write my xanga now. so sad. Well, I did most of my homework after class so I have a little time. So I’m taking a coffee break and i thought of my xanga. =)

yesterday, mike and i went to see this pianist. a part of requirement for our music class. it.. sucked. OMG. First of all, her appearance. She didn’t look like she cared about this at all. SHe was wearing a purple dress.. it was like a home dress. And then, she played for about 40 minutes.. small preludes. SO boring. Mike and I took turns to fall asleep. Karen Follingstad. She’s a faculty member at San Diego State. Still, she sucked a lot. anyways~

I guess I should go back to studying now. Oh and I’m sick. But I think I’ll get better soon. I’ve been taking massive loads of cold medicines. hehe


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