<<Return of the Drama Queen>>

alrite.. well yesterday was Grace’s birthday. Yay~! Hm well it was pretty quiet until she suggested that we go to Sung’s place (where Ben, Shun, and Wilson live).. when I was in the SHOWER. Well, I had this 8 o’clock work meeting to go to so i said that we’ll have to be back at midnight. So, we get there around 11.. The story completely changes when Grace finishes two bowls of weed. I was already falling asleep, but it was still her birthday so I kinda felt bad about falling asleep and nagging her to go back home. But I have to admit, it was really boring for me since I dont believe in smoking.. I had two sips of wine but, yuck.. Wine is still really hard for me.. But I’m trying to get used to it. =) I dont know.. Wine just feels so romantic. kekeke. But anyways, at 1, I finally said, okay I dont have to stay up any longer, I was supposed to be at home an hour ago anyway, so we left. I nagged her. BUt that’s okay, it was her birthday anymore. HAHAHA. j/k~ It was for her own good too. =D I think she stayed up a little longer. I just went straight to bed. Yup.

So the meeting was okay. I love my work. It’s really nice to talk to people who care about the same things as I do, and have the same work ethics as I do. And it’s even better to work with adults who care that we care. =D

Went to Music section today.. Wow, the TA is SO nice. I mean, I met many many many TAs who genuinely care about their work, but this TA seems SOOOOo friendly. I’ve never met anyone who gave me that friendly vibe right away, especially who’s older than me. SO I really have a good feeling about this.

Friends starts today~ yay~ Hhaha.. Yah funny thing is, I thought I was gonna go see The Matrix today at 7:30.. Turns out that flyer I saw was from LAST YEAR. hahahah. It’s funny how stupid I can be.

Speaking of stupidity.. I dont know if what I’m doing is the right thing. About my relationship. Well.. For the longest time, I didn’t have to worry about my love life. Now I’m back, it feels so strange. Like.. the whole drama. I dont know what i’m feeling. Is this normal? I mean.. I used to be so sure and so passionate. I dont know anymore. Maybe we got used to each other too much.. Maybe it’s just a phase? Or maybe it’s a change, and I just have to accept it.

Well~~~ I’m going home this weekend.. I just wanna be away from everything.. I dont even care if I party or not. Fall quarter parties are cool.. but i hear alot of bad things about parties nowadays.. I should just keep away from them maybe. More important thing is, I could care less. I dont have to make any more dramas. =D


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  1. hey jean! i saw your photos. nice pics i like your blue and white floral bed sheets. so pretty. and we both have a tare panda good luck this quarter! take care too~ we should meet up next time we both go home btw, i saw kelly from journalism by coincidence last week and found out she goes to ucsd too

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