So.. yesterday, I had a pretty pleasant day.. I dropped off suzanne really early in the morning, well early for me. Then I slept a little more. Then I had a pretty normal late morning, cleaning my room, taking a shower, etc. Then Suzanne and I went to her producer’s house to pick up the demo. They used MY lyrics!!! yay~ =) Well, I need to make it more K-Pop ish.. What I had for them was a bit too mature for suzanne. Gosh, I hate normal K-Pop lyrics, cuz it’s SOOO predictable.. *Groan* Well I can handle it. =D

Then Eric called me.. and we kind of spontaneously decided to eat dinner with other friends who are back in Cupertino. After about an hour of planning and telling other people, we got together at BJ’s.. It was good, I loved my salad. It didn’t look much at first, but I got full SO fast.

I had a really good time, just seeing people again. Josh, Conroy, Dyuman, Eric, Mike, and I just did stupid things there, like switching other people’s cokes when they were in the restroom; making fun of mike’s saying Non-Diet pepsi and how it confused the waiter, he ended up getting diet pepsi; how we all saw Blockbuster’s window decoration and thought it went out of business or something. haha..

I had to come home so I didn’t get to finish Identity, but~ from what I saw, it was a REALLY REALLY scary movie. =D

I’m gonna write more when I get back.


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