wow.. i can’t believe it’s almost been three weeks since i came home. I guess I did like a half of the stuff that I planned to do in the beginning of the summer.

I’m kind of stressed today. I woke up and I could feel the tension in my shoulders. *groan* I have to do more of cleaning around my room. Make it look exactly like I picture it in my head. It’s hard though with all these junk, and some nicer junk that I collected over the years. Like you know when you have soooo much in your room, but you really can’t throw them out or give them away? Yah. Like clothes for girls, you never know when you’re going to use them~ Okay and then multiply that by three, because we have three girls. and multiply that by two because mom’s a fashion designer, and i have her blood, suzanne a dancer and a singer now. SOOO yah. ANd I have all these make up junks too, that I bought like 4 or 5 years ago. You know, middle school makeup crap. They dont smell like orange anymore. Nope. I can only smell weird chemicals in them. And then there’s some nicer ones, but the ones that I dont use everyday. Those are for “feeling-funky days” when i wanna try different things in the morning. And then there’s of course, the ones I use everyday (every year, this category gets smaller and smaller.. i get lazy). And then yah, there’s a category for parties and night outs.

Sooo.. yah there’s my dilemma.. what part of my history do i wanna throw out? And if I do decide to throw out, will i keep thinking, well what if the trend comes back? *groan*


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