Hmm So after school.. studied a bit, then went to the dress rehearsal.. everything seemed to be in a good shape. We just practiced once and then left. woohoo, meant more time to study for the finals~ yay~

actually i’m not that excited. haha. Well~ After talking to my TA after pol s class, I guess I kinda sensed what to expect on the final; I think I know what the essay question’s gonna be like. haha. Seriously though, I think I’m in love with Thoreau. I mean even from Mr. Kanda’s American Lit Honors, Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience was the ONLY book I actually thoroughly read. Well also “Their Eyes Were Watching God” but Thoreau was like my favorite of the favorites. ALso emerson. So yah, I REALLY REALLY like reading it again!!! so excited~~ ANd it’s more interesting now, because I actually know what his talking about!

Anyhow~ can’t wait to be done with all this shit and go home and rest.


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  1. hi jean i saw your xanga through joyce’s site. haven’t seen you since journalism…long time~ how’s summer? i have a final this week too. good luck on yours!

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