Hmm last night was real fun. Went to SB downtown with Mike.. Got a sketchbook, a grater, and a Pyrex measuring cup. I made a soap and I needed the grater and Pyrex for that… And~ we walked around State St. until like 4:30.. took the bus back to Goleta.. Then at 7, went to Shun’s house to eat dinner with him. It was me and him, and then Austin. Other guys ditched us.. =( oh I SEE HOW IT IS~~ well at least we had really good food. Chicken and corn.. and hamburger.. yup we barbequed. Shun cooks well, but he says he’s too lazy to.

I got home around 11, got dropped off by Austin.. i think AUstin and shun went off to Tony’s place to drink more. I had to work on my paper so I came back home. yup..

It was a great day! SB downtown is so gorgeous, i love the place. GAWD… and it’s been a while since I hung out with my friends so it was really cool.. ahhh wish the finals weren’t next week~~

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