SOOo how’s everyone doing??? Haven’t really had time for Xanga. well~ it’s kinda weird but i’ve been really missing Cupertino. Well not the place itself really, cuz I go home every other weekend.. but When i’m home, i dont really have time to go out cuz I’m working on my room right now.. I miss friends~~ I felt so bad this morning when i woke up and realized.. OMG.. wednesday was Joanne’s birthday.. i didn’t even call. *sigh* What kind of friend am i.. We have to make that up when I get back home after this summer school shumuit is over.
Next week is gonna be crazy.. Monday, history paper due. Tuesday, Dance dress rehearsal. Wednesday: History, Poli sci Finals and Dance concert at night. Thursday: History and poli sci finals part 2, and Dance concert again.

*sigh* I should really get my stuff together this weekend.. Well~ Let’s see how things go~~


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  1. danngggg hella things coming up for you huh??goood luck with everything hun!!!haha dont worry about me…i’m all good…you noe me…..never take things too too seriously….had to express some things that were on my mind…no biggy….oOh you still into dance???of course…you should be with your skill and all….well hurry back so we can juss go chill…chit chat….eat pat bing soo….sing…okae???

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