Hmm I just got back from home.. I acutally studied at home! yay~ I read half of Survival at Auschwitz.. read a little bit of A Life of Her Own.. and Political Liberalism.. all the readings due this week.. hehehe. Well~ just two more weeks here and i’ll be done with the summer school. Yay~ Gotta get this sublease thing ready anyway.

Oh~ I got so much I wanna do during the second part of the summer~ I’m so excited~~~ hehehehe. Oh i can’t believe I’ll finally have some peace. =)


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  1. hey girl…i’m good…juss some things that were on my mind…had to let it out…anyways..yeah call me wen you get outta summer school….im doing the summer session so i was pretty busy with school too…but lets go play wen its all over okae???goood..hope yer doing good too…and yeah thats my bf…hahhaa kinda weird saying that for some reason =P

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