AGE: 18 years.. wow.. old
SH0E SIZE: 7 for sandals, 8 for sneakers, etc

H0BBiES: writing, pampering myself 
PEOPLE CALL YOU: jeanie, delirious, nerd
WHAT LANGUAGES D0 Y0U SPEAK: Korean, English, French. Parlez-vous francais?
ARE Y0U A NIGHT 0R M0RNiNG PERS0N: Morning.. definitely. Can’t stay up late at night.
ARE Y0U TICKLISH: depends on my mood
WHAT IS Y0UR M0ST EMBARRASSING ST0RY: Hard to think. I embarrass myself everyday. Hmm but the recent memory: at K-mart, I stood at the Self-Checkout line for like 20 minutes until someone took my credit card and swiped it in opposite direction.. I wanted to pass out.
WHAT C0MES FIRST IN Y0UR LIFE: My beliefs and feelings. Family.  Friends and Mike.
D0 Y0U HAVE A B0YFRiEND: Yup, and the best one too.

WHAT D0 Y0U USUALLY THINK B0UT BEF0RE Y0U G0 T0 SLEEP AT NIGHT: What I’ll do tomorrow, in a month. What I’ll do in certain situations.
WH0 SS Y0UR MEANIEST FRIEND: I don’t have any. Cuz if someone was mean, they’re not my friends.
WH0’S THE SHYEST: also no one. I make people do stuff that they never thought they could do.
WH0 ARE Y0UR BEST FRIENDS: Mike, Grace, Joanne, Ronnie, and Eugene.
WH0 D0 Y0U G0 F0R ADVICE: For stuff in life, my mother (the woman knows everything), Mike, and my friends. For everything else, whoever is the expert in that area.
WH0 KN0WS ALL Y0UR SECRETS: Mom, and Mike.

WH0 IS M0ST UNDERSTANDING: Eugene, although we disagree with everything. But you know everything else.
HUGGED S0ME0NE: Are you being serious? Hugging’s better than any other show of affection.
F0UGHT W/ A FRIEND: I used to love picking fights, but now that I’m older and wiser, picking fights is tiresome
CRIED: Used to a lot, when I was depressed. Well now, I only cry when I watch movies. I cried when I was watching Finding Nemo.. BOTH TIMES.
LAUGHED: I’m a laughing queen. Once I start laughing, can’t stop.
MADE S0ME0NE LAUGH: Yup, only when I can laugh with them.  
TALKED T0 S0ME0NE Y0U L0VE: I try to talk to my friends more because I’ve been criticized for not being available to most people.
MISSED S0ME0NE: My boyfriend when we were in long-distance relationship for over a year.  And my family when I had a rough day at school and come home to find the house empty.
HAD S0ME0NE BE UNFAITHFUL T0 Y0U: Nope. Never let that happen.

BEEN IN L0VE: I think so.
SH0VED STUFF UNDER THE BED T0 MAKE Y0UR R00M L0OK CLEAN: Nope. Can’t. You can see under the bed. Plus, I like cleaning now. Wow..

BEEN IN A H0SPiTAL: Yup. I get majorly sick every year. At least once.

WENT 0UT W/ M0RE THAN 0NE PERS0N AT A TIME: Never. Why would I do something that I wont let other people do to me?

HATED Y0URSELF: Nope not anymore. I have higher self-esteem than before.
BEEN BR0KENHEARTED: Never. Is that good or bad?
LIKE T0 WALK IN THE RAIN: Love it. It’s romantic and so fresh. But I like watching it out the window more. Haha.
SLEEP W/ 0R W/0 CL0THES: When it’s warm enough, I wear underwear to bed. But I like being completely warm in bed.
THINK Y0UR ATTRACTIVE: Yah, sometimes. But I still have those days when I feel like the most disgusting pig.
DESCRIBE Y0UR DREAM GUY: Someone who’s not afraid but considerate. Who thinks big. And treat women with deserved respect.
TYPE 0F HAIR: As long as it’s clean and neat, doesn’t really matter.
STRAIGHT 0R CURLY HAIR: Curly hair makes me hot. But curly hair guys have stereotypes for being easy. I’ll go with short hair. The balder the hotter.

BEST GIFT A GUY C0ULD GIVE: A really wild and fun night out at a place the most unexpected.
FAV0RiTE C0L0GNE 0N A GUY: Something deep and sexy. But I like soap or shaving cream smell better. Actually sweat’s even better * Wink *

WOULD YOU GO OUT W OLDER GUYS: OHHH yah. I actually prefer older guys. Just as long as they have the qualities that I described above, and older guys tend to have more experience so they’re not stupid like guys at my age.



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