hmmmm my first day at work.. well not my FIRST.. but it’s my first day alone. Last week was like training sessions. Hmm Not many clients during summer I guess. I’m just reading alot of stuff about stress management and stuff. Hehehe…

I went home last week; Vanessa said she was going to SF with her friends.. But I guess I still feel pressured to stay at home after 7, cuz mom and dad get excessively worried when I’m not home. hehe.

Things are going really great. Summer classes are pretty interesting. I didn’t like my poli sci class until today. That was the first time I didn’t enjoy my poli sci class right away. I really love my history class. French revolution and Industrial Revolution.. gosh totally my stuff. We read Candide by Voltaire last week and this week, we’re reading The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels. It’s really really interesting and the professor is awesome. He’s really direct and explicit when he lectures, so hilarious sometimes. haha.

I have to get internet next week. I’m going home again for the Independence Day weekend. Might go somewhere with my family… but anyways, I’m gonna buy a cable modem from Mike’s roommate and… call Cox Cable like on Friday.. schedule something for monday. yupyup.. should work.

Hmmm Anyways. I’m gonna get back to my work. Haha this is great. No one watching.. Just me in my office.


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  1. hey wsup… just wanted to say hi… i don’t think i’ve posted a msg on ur xanga b4… anyway yup… hi haha…

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