okay today feels like friday.. cuz i only have dance class at 8 tomorrow. and then i go home! yay~~ hmm I need to order internet at home. Yup. I wanna get internet as soon as possible.. I’m still waiting for the poli sci books i ordered online. It’s great saving money but it sucks waiting for them. They take like 3 days~ Well I’ve been keeping up with reading at the library, but I’d want to look at them whenever I want to. hehehe.

Well~ I can’t wait till I get home. I’ll update a LOT when I get a chance.


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  1. how come you didnt call jean???i hope nothing bad happened…but yeah dont worry we’ll always have next time cuz i go as much as i can…next time i go i’ll give you a call again….which will be soon i think~ bbai

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