For someone who’s in love…

Being in love,
Is sharing your heart with the other person.

Being in love,
Doesn’t let you to be yourself,
as you once knew.

Being in love,
Creates a whole different layer inside you,
creating the core inside your mantle.

Being in love,
Is feeling the burning hot core inside you.

But that’s only one kind of love.
That’s the good part of love.

Being in love,
Is also,
A FEAR of loneliness,
 that tenderly numbs your limbs,
 your heart,
 your soul.

No no.
Being in love,
is not a courage, a risk.

Being in love,
Is an escape.
Escape from the emptiness.

Being in love,
Is a life-long lesson,
About how to melt your loneliness in the core,
how to warm up your mantle.

You see,
the loneliness is the fuel.

Once loneliness turns into ashes.

Being in love,
Is also,
How to play with the ashes.

Would you dance in the ashes,
Would you sleep in the ashes,
Would you love the ashes?

Being in love,
is creation, heat, and ashes.
Of the loneliness.


3 thoughts on “

  1. aww .. how cute.. that’s why i miss being in love! ahh! lol okay anyway, just wanted to drop by and give you some props for your page.. take it easy. bye!

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