Hmmm last few days have been really good. Finally recovered from the usual funk after heavy parties, like just yesterday. oh guess who I saw yesterday at Pho. DER~~~ hahaha i said hi, very enthusiastically.. ohh der and his usual late response. “…..what??…….. ohhhhH~~~ hi.  hi jean~” hahaha. Ahh it was so good to see you der, even if it was just accidently! hahaha

Mike has been studying allll weekend and ALLL the time.i got kinda mad~ cuz I came home on friday but I finally got to see him yesterday! oh well~ i’m over it now. hehe he’s sleeping right now cuz he stayed up all night studying. *clap clap clap~~~* hahaha

Well Channing’s in town today so we’re gonna go do something I guess. I realize this EVERY TIME we get together during breaks. GUYS.. we need better event planners. hahaha

I realized something else: I miss everyone from SB!!! Gosh~ I didn’t know how much I’d miss you guys~ hope everyone’s enjoying the beginning of summer! =D


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