ALRIGHT~~~ =) I’m done with all my finals. It feels exceptionally good to be done! Haha. You know when we had only few days left in our senior year and we were itching everywhere to get out of there? Haha. That’s how it felt for the past few days. And then remember how we all felt so weird once it was all over? that’s how I’m feeling right now.

I shall be adding lots of updates since I have nothing to do today or tomorrow. Except for packing. But I’m almost done with that as well. Just one more bag to go. You know what I’m gonna do today? Since my roommate moved out today, I can do whatever I want to. So I’m gonna leave the curtains open tonight, so I’ll naturally wake up by the sunlight tomorrow morning. =D Hehehe. *sigh* My precious two nights here. I shall spend it wisely. =D. I feel like my summer started already. I might as well start doing stuff that I planned already! Yay~

Tonight’s plan:

1. Paint my nails
2. Watch a movie
3. Write an essay about myself.
4. Plan next year layout


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