Mmm~ I just took my 2nd final. =D It wasn’t hard, but we’ll see. And I’m just briefly writing up my xanga, so I wont feel like I’m neglecting it. Hehe. I have 4 oclock final later, and then two more tomorrow. Then I’ll be done~! yupyup. Then I have like more than a day to pack my stuff. What are we doing on Thursday night guys? I know Austin and Mimie have their As AM final.. but~ we should just eat dinner together or something you know???

By the way, I just realized, the readers of my Xanga are 99% MV people. YAH~! Just a proof that we’re still strong. YUPYUP

People are graduating once again. I wish I could be there, but I have silly finals. =P But you have all my congrats, hugs, and kisses.  ok FINE no kisses. But really, congrats, you’ve survived four years of MV! That means.. NO MORE APs, NO MORE SATs, NO MORE parent pressures, NO MORE ANYTHING! Especially people from journalism and yearbook.. Wow.. you guys really survived it. You know what the weirdest thing though? You’ll miss it. haha. ALl the late night memories, countless pizza, Mrs Hogan and Mrs Robbins’ yelling and stressed out rants.. =D I still miss it. Actually, now I think about it, I miss high school a lot. Especially now that I’m almost done with the first year of college, I frequently think how it used to be at MV. I wish I were there today, just to see everything again. *sigh~~~* Okay I’m being too sentimental now. Hehe.

Alright, Well, I should study for my History final now. =D Gluck on all your finals, have fun seniors at MV. =D


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