YAY! just two more finals left tomorrow. History final was easy! =D I guess I really studied harr… wait.. no. i didn’t hahahaha. Well, the review session I went to was extremely helpful. My TA really knows the stuff, she was able to pinpoint the three out of the seven IDs that were on the test. And we just had to do four out of seven, so it was cool. =D ANYHOW. I’m glad it’s over. I was just laughing, MUHAHAHAHA like that, on the way back to FT. MUAHAHA yah. I’m being a freak today. Bear with me. Is that how you spell BEAR? that’s so funny. I have a bear with me. OMG i’m really weird today.

Well~ My room looks bigger now cuz my roommate put her desk on the wall side.. Looks really big. I’m happy yup. I’m so happpy~ I’m soooo happy! HAHAHA. Today Grace and I were talking about next year. GOD! I can’t wait till I get out of here. It’s not that I had a bad time here. There were more of good memories than bad. Yah definitely more of good. But it’s just that.. I’m a person who needs a lot of variety.  Like, I always need to change. Even with my room, I’m always changing the arrangement and stuff. Different wall hangings, or even the pencil cases on the desk! haha. Yah i’m just like that. So yah.. Living in even an off campus dorm has been hard.. with all these stupid RULES!! Can’t have candles, can’t have incense.. it’s STUPID. ohoh and no water. what the hell.. LET THE GIRL LIVE!

Yah~ so i’m genuinely excited about this summer and next year. Lots of plan, lots of anticipation. Yup. Oh and lots of writing and reading =)


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  1. aLlO jEaN….hope you did well on yer finals…i still got two weeks before i take mine…stoopid de anza…always lags….anyways..hahha yeah talking to someone “precious” …feels good *^_^*…call me up wen you get here okae???

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