Hmmm Let’s see:

Yesterday (June 6):  I woke up around 8.. I tried doing Yoga in the morning.. Gosh, that stuff is a good workout. Yah sure, it doesn’t make me sweat as much as dancing or running.. but I felt so energized! And my congestion got so much better. I had a history review session at 5, so I went to that. It was supposed to end at 8 but it ended up going until 8:30. I got home around 9, exhausted. nearly 4 hours of history is called overloading your brain. It’s not that the stuff is hard. It’s just that, there is so much stuff to remember. When you hear one thing, you have to make connections with other stuff in your head. Try doing that for 4 hours straight. You’ll know how I felt.

I ended up passing out on bed for the night at 10. Yup. I wasn’t asleep, I was just tired and couldn’t move my body. I called Mom and we talked for few minutes. Her cold isn’t better yet. Suzanne’s getting sick again. I wish I were there.. Not that I’d be any help.. But just seeing them would make me worry less. You know? Suzanne for one, she can’t sing when she’s sick. =( that’s so sad. And Mom. She’s the one who’s taking care of Suzanne so she always gets sick after her. =( that’s sad too.

Then I called Mike. He was watching The Recruit with his sister. Couldn’t talk to me. I guess I sounded really seriously depressed. He called me after few minutes to ask me what’s wrong. But I told him to finish watching the movie first. Then I “passed out” again.

When he called later, haha we ended up having a heated discussion about our voting system in America. For once, I thought we were really gonna fight and hurt each other’s feelings. But like always, he let me win. =) I’m so stubborn sometimes. Never let anyone else get into my head. Hehe. BUt I wanted to be like that. So I suppose it’s not a bad thing. Just gets me in trouble sometimes. =D

We ended up falling asleep on the phone and I got up around 7 to find my headset still on my ear.. I could hear him breathing. =)

Today (June 7): I went back to sleep and woke up around 9. I studied a bit, went to Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.. to get Astronomy extra credit. I came back home around 5! OMG.. The stupid retarded bus.. The bus to the museum is only one every hour. But the bus ride was great. The bus driver’s so much nicer. And the neighborhood is beautiful! I felt like I was taking a fieldtrip. keke Oh and they have this new kind of bus. Battery-powered buses that don’t emit environmentally hazardous chemicals. It looked so cool! haha

ANyhow.. I studied alot of poli sci. I’m all tired now.


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