My plan for the first week of break:

Driving, cooking, Hanging out with friends (Joanne, Ronnie, Nik, Art, Arinha, Eugene, just to name a few), bug Mike (kekeke), read at least one book, work on my website, start saving money, flute, write thank you notes to TAs and professors, check if my books are all home.

My plan for the summer:

Cooking! Set up my website, Beads, Dance lesson, Driver’s licence. =P kekeke. NEVER BE LAZY


*sigh* Can’t wait till the summer begins.. Just five more days. =D Can’t wait can’t wait! Poli sci final tomorrow at 8. STudy until 12. Talk to EssTee at 1 with Grace, Prof Berstein’s office hour at 2, HJ’s office hour at 3. Bookstore to check what poli sci textbooks are. Sell books. Am i forgetting any thing else?


Well.. Going back to work.


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