Yay~ No more lectures~ hehe. It’s 10:44 PM right now.. I finished reviewing my history lecture notes.. and then just took a shower. My roommate left for home cuz she HAS to go to this festival thingy.. Haha.. right before the finals too! Man.. THat’s crazy! Some people are drinking and partying right now, relieving stress for the next week. =D Me? I’m just sitting in this room by myself, listening to sweet music..

Ohh.. I love this right now.. MAN.. My roommate needs to go home.. like every other day! hehe not that she’s bad. She’s actually really nice. ALOT better than my last one. GRRRR.. anyways. I really like this.. Being alone. SO relaxing. If my roommate went home every weekend, I wouldn’t have to go home that much. This is relaxation! =D

Well, can’t relax too much though. Have to study for the finals. I’m looking at.. two or three As, I’m almost sure I’ll get a B in history. Freaking TA.. she’s so hard! Astro, is pass/no pass.. I’ll pass, I know. =D I better! haha

My allergy is getting alot better. At least I can breathe through my nose sometimes! yay! haha. The first thing Terry said today was, “AW poor girl. You look so congested!” wow.. it shows huh? well.. yah~ my nose is all red.. It hurts when I blow my nose. *whew~*

Mike and I found a new way to cheer up when we’re depressed/tired/pissed. GREEN TEA. HAHA.. Yah, I always drink green tea, but I made it extra strong today. GOSH I was like soooo hyper after drinking it. I think I drank like 6~8 cups today. Green tea is so good when your body feels heavy and stuff. If you need caffeine, go for grean tea instead of going to Starbucks. We all know caffeine is bad for us right? But see, *ahem* coffee we get from Starbucks is usually saturated with creme and sugar. Green tea? Zero everything. Zero calorie, etc. Plus side? Green tea flushes out the impurities in our body. Yup. And the caffeine boosts our metabolism. Green tea is so much better. I dont drink caffeinated drinks that much anyway. (Usually; today was an exception). My dad when he didn’t work for like six months.. He gained soooo much weight cuz he ate Mom’s food instead of going to restaurants (see mom? what you do to us???? kekekeke).. So he started working out at a fitness club. But here’s the thing. When other people drank water, he drank iced green tea. He told me that he sweated SOOO much. and he lost weight faster than his friends at the club. Yupyup. =D Most green tea is in tea bags, and these you have to boil water, then ice it if you want to drink it cold. There is a kind you can get.. It’s in powder-like form so it just dissolves in cold water. They all have the same effectiveness. I wanna try the powder kind. =)

Enough with the nutritional facts.. Haha, I just remembered how in high school, my friends used to say I should become a nutritionist since I tried like every single diet on earth, read about fitness & nutrition every freaking chance I get. =D Haha.. Well, yah it’s true, I’m a bit obsessed with fitness and nutritional facts.. keke

And I also wanna point out something: Matrix Reloaded IS a good movie! If you liked the first one for its introduction of the idea of the Matrix, you probably didn’t like the 2nd one.. Yah I know. But omg.. Sorry, I watch the Matrix for its action.. and KEANU REEVES!!! omg omg omg omg omg..

okay, I admit.. I’m a freak. HAHA who cares? Keanu Reeves is hot in that movie. I dont care if he’s near 40.

Well~ I should study a bit more then go to bed. Yay, no school tomorrow! So happy!


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