Mmmmm finally.. it’s Thursday.. which means, the last day of instruction.. FOR THE YEAR..!!! yay~~ hehe I went to art history.. I stayed up the whole time~ wow.. that hadn’t happened for like at least 5 weeks.. wow~ haha I really had the weirdest dream ever.. I woke up at 8:20.. THen I turned off my alarm.. Went back to sleep for a little bit.. I started dreaming..

“I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet when I realized there was someone else in the bathroom too! OMg.. She was sitting in the bath tub.. it looked nice.. I looked around and the bathroom was all black and white.. Black tiles and black tub.. and white ceilings.. White marble wall.. So nice!! I asked the person when they changed the thingy.. WHILE STILL ON THE TOILET… And then another person comes in (i think it was one of my friends.. I’m not sure WHO it was though.. I just felt so comfortable talking to two other girls while sitting on the toilet.. wow).. We had the happy conversation.. and then”

I woke up.. THat was SO WEIRD! It was 8:28.. GOSH.. a TWO-MINUTE dream.. I’m really weird..


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