okay.. here we go:

Only 8 more days until my last final.. *sigh* I can’t believe we’re almost done with our first year of college.. In a way, it went by so quickly.. but then at the same time, first quarter seems like so long ago.. haha. I went home too much and didn’t really get a chance to hang out with my friends as much as I would’ve liked to.. I guess that’s my biggest regret, if I can even call it that. Actually, I don’t wanna say it’s a regret.. It’s something I’ll work on next year. =D Academic-wise.. I’m satisfied.. I could’ve done better. But I’m okay with it. At least I didn’t go lower than B throughout the year~ I think that’s pretty good.. Considering how my high school grades SUCKED.

I went to Sean’s, Joanne’s, Ronnie’s, and Vanessa’s Xanga sites today.. Ever since I became familiarized with the idea of Xanga, I hoped I’d find Vanessa’s somewhere. I guess the same thing happened with Vanessa and I. I really wanted to be friends with her, but never really got a good chance to, due to my strict parents who never let me go anywhere after school. And when I found hers today, I knew I had to join Xanga.. I just miss everyone back home. Yes, I went home almost every other weekend, probably more than ANYONE else who left for college. But home wasn’t the same without the people I used to see around Cupertino… You know what I mean? Rarely, I’d bump into someone I recognize from high school.. Probably going to De Anza or Foothill.. I’d be all glad and saying hi and stuff. Even when I didn’t know that person at all in high school.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it here. I love my friends here, Grace Mariko Mimie Terry Austin Vilai Gabe and Felipe.. just to name a few.. My first year in college would have been the same without these people. I’m so lucky to meet so many good people…

But I guess, with the summer coming near and all.. I miss hanging out in the ASB office during lunch, 6th, 7th period with Marie, Sean, Calvin, and all.. And That’s what I realize.. wow.. I miss high school? I know.. I even miss being in class! How it was good to know everyone in class..

Ah well.. Tomorrow’s the last day of instuction.. I have one more class today at 5.. Asian Am 3.. and then tomorrow two more classes each at 9:30 and 2.. And that’ll be it. YAy~


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