Giveaway Alert: Australian Superfine Merino Kit by Cleckheaton


To participate in the contest to win this awesome Australian Superfine Merino Kit by Cleckheaton, go here! –> Candy & Bagel Blog

As far as I know, Cleckheaton’s Australian Superfine Merino yarn is not carried by the US retailers yet, so this is your chance to try their soft, squishy, luxurious newest yarn line!

DSC06164 DSC06181


Review: Sock Blockers and Sock Yarns from Craft Stores

These days, I’m all about socks. I’m knitting few pairs of socks, and shopping (=ogling) sock yarns, and buying knitting accessories for socks. So I thought I’d share with you what I tried last week, and then do a short review of sock yarns that you can get from “big box” arts & crafts stores such as Michaels and JoAnn. Continue reading here!